Lose weight and get fit, in 30 minutes a day from the comfort of your living room!

The Kettlebell is PROVEN to turn you into the lean, mean fat burning machine you are capable of becoming – even if you’re a total beginner!
Learn what celebrities and world class athletes already know; the kettlebell is the most efficient way to workout.
Lead by coach Kaevon and Lindsay, two expert trainers and owners of Bellsofsteel.com lead you through 7 challenging workouts that will teach you all of the kettlebell movements you need to become versed in the kettlebell. Coach Kaevon explains the technique while coach Lindsay demonstrates at the same time, much the same way you would have if you hired a trainer for $100 an hour. Instead, you get the video series for a fraction of the cost of just one session with a personal trainer!

Comes with the physical DVD in a DVD case with professional cover and DVD artwork. Also comes with the link to download the workout straight to your device.