Powerlifting Products have been an integral part of our product line since we started in 2010. Back then, powerlifting gear in Canada was tough to find, and powerlifting equipment had to be shipped to Canada from the states at an astronomical price.

Home Gym Powerlifting Products
Our powerlifting competition bench, powerlifting plates and powerlifting barbell are the perfect choices for your home powerlifting gym setup. They have been specifically designed in-house to meet IPF specifications. However; they are not IPF certified, which saves you thousands and still gives you that competition feel so you are ready to set new records when you’re at a meet.

Powerlifting Gym Equipment
Don’t have the space for your own home powerlifting gym? Our powerlifting bands sets and are the perfect training accessory for your gym bag. They feature a latex/fabric blend that will not snap or pinch your skin.

You can buy all of our powerlifting gym equipment and gear here on our online store. All of our powerlifting products are stored and shipped quickly from Calgary, Alberta, to all over Canada.

For a more in-depth powerlifting gear guide to our powerlifting products, click on each product as they are packed with more details and YouTube videos to help you decide on the best powerlifting products for your training needs.