Paying for shipping is the worst, save big by picking up locally.

Here’s how it works:

  • Add $600 or more to your cart and checkout.

  • Choose “free pick up” as your shipping.

  • We then consolidate your order with other customers orders onto a single pallet, and ship to the freight depot you selected.

  • Once your order arrives you will receive a phone call or email with your pick up number. Bring your receipt and pick up your goodies. Make sure to pick up within 3 business days and to check you received all your goods if you are missing something be sure to tell the depot to make not of it.

  • Use your new awesome Bells of Steel equipment to get bigger, stronger, and faster!

City Delivery Time (Business Days) Minimum Order  Pick Up fee
Calgary Same day (see contact us for hours)
Vancouver 4~7 $600
Edmonton 3~10 $600
Regina 3~10 $600
Saskatoon 3~10 $600
Winnipeg 5~14 $600
Montreal 10~20 $600
Toronto 10~20 $600
Prince George 14~21 $600
Kamloops 7~12 $600
Kelowna 7~12 $600
Hamilton 10~20 $600 $50.00
Kitchener 10~20 $600 $50.00
Halifax 14~21 $600 $100.00
St. Johns 14~21 $600 $100.00
Moncton 14~21 $600 $100.00

Due to rising shipping costs and terminal fees we’ve had to implement minimum order amounts as well as a flat pick up fee to smaller cities In addition if part of your order is back ordered we will contact you as to whether we can split ship.

Free Pick Up In Calgary and free $600 or more pick ups in Edmonton.

All inventory is located in our warehouse and showroom in Calgary (check contact us for hours).

Free B.C. Pick Up In Surrey on orders of $600 or more, or $29 deliveries.

Free pick up on orders of $600 or more in Winnipeg and Toronto.

Free pick up on orders of $600 or more in Regina and Saskatoon.

Free Pick Up on orders of $600 or more in Prince George, Kamloops,  Kelowna, Hamilton,  Kitchener and Montreal.