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Online coaching is the most flexible, cost-effective, awesome way to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

Get custom workout programs with video feedback from World Class Coaches who are certified, insured and experienced.

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Whether you’re an experienced athlete trying to opimize your performance, or just starting and wanting to lose weight, having a coach to keep you accountable and provide guidance on how to achieve your goals is invaluable. With our wide selection of vetted, hand-picked personal trainers you can get the perfect match assist you in whatever your training goals are.

Are you ready to…

  • Lose Fat

  • Optimizing your work/life/lifting balance

  • Build muscle

  • Set new personal records

  • Increasing your Weightlifting total

  • Learn Kettlebells

  • Becoming a better CrossFit athlete

  • Performing better in your sport

  • Bodybuilding / Figure Prep

How does it work?

Custom Designed
For Your Needs

Unlike other online fitness coaching simply offer a suite of videos that attempt to explain complex and nuanced movements, we have high-level professionals break down exercises and ideas step by step. You can ask questions and get feedback, making your training safer and more effective This tailored approach to your specific needs will drive maximum results in minimal time.

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Who’s it best for?

Experienced lifters
looking to optimize.

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Who’s it best for?

our best value.

Program +
Daily Coaching



Who’s it best for?

Those new to working out and wanting maximum effectiveness

Book a consultation for us to better understand your needs Custom Plan.

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Meet Our Personal Trainers

Our coaches are some of Canada’s highest level personal trainers and performance coaches. Each one specializing in their own areas, but all have years of experience in successfully training clients of all ages and experience. From Powerlifting record holder Guy Page or current BC Lions Linebacker Mike Benson, to Canada’s most decorated kettlebell athlete Misty Shearer, we’ve assembled some of the nations best and most knowledgeable minds and made them available to help drive you to your fitness goals.

coach curtis Durocher

Curtis Durocher

I help clients get stronger and to develop a higher power output.

coach lisa Szabon Smith

Lisa Szabon-Smith

I help women out there get focused on getting stronger and kicking ass in life!

coach ryan


I coach individuals seeking rehabilitation or restorative training, and powerlifting athletes.

coach leo King

Leo King

My main focus with all my clients is to build strength safely and effectively.

coach mike Benson

Mike Benson

I love helping people live healthier, fitter, stronger lives.

coach misty Shearer

Misty Shearer

If you want to learn kettlebells I’ll make sure you are the best you can be.

coach fereshteh Dinaz

Fereshteh Dinaz

I love lifting, and I love
coaching the olympic lifts!


Shane Martin

My focus is teaching, coaching, and programming for powerlifters or strength focused clients.

coach josh Diesel

Josh Diesel

As head coach of Valhalla weightlifting, I can maximize your olympic lifts.

coach ceej Stewart

Ceej Stewart

I’m an IPF recognized strength coach and I love helping people get stronger!

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  Program +
Daily Coaching

$99.97 /mo $149.97 /mo $199.97 /mo
Initial 15 minute Skype/Phone Consultation
Get to know your trainer and make sure they are the perfect match!
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Equipment consultation
Don’t have equipment? Need some more? Your trainer will advise you on what you need to get started
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Full Physical Assessment
Trainers will test and measure key indicators to set a benchmark to get you where you’re going more efficiently
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Free Shirt, Wrist Wraps or Hat
Some new swag for a new you
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Expert video analysis (per week)
Submit videos in our messaging software for your coach to analyze and critique your form
ex 2/week 2/week
Goal Setting
Create scientifically proven SMART goals with your coach to better drive your results
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Fully customized program
Get a program tailored just for you based on your assessment and goals
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Email support per week
Email support per week
1 2 5
Skype support calls per month
Skype support calls per month
ex 1 2
Virtual Training Sessions
Train LIVE with your coach using skype video calls
ex ex 2/month 30 min
Monthly assessment
Have your progress assessed monthly with Key Performance Indicators
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Nutritional Guidance
Suggestions on proper nutrition
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No contract, cancel anytime
No contract, cancel anytime
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Accountability and reminders
Get auto email workout reminders
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Progress tracking
Chart your progress in Fitbots innovative software
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Nutritional tracking
Keep track of your nutrition
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Exercises videos from a world-class gym
Instructional videos exercises
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Who’s it best for?
Book a consultation for us to better understand your needs Custom Plan
Experienced lifters
looking to optimize
our best value
Those new to working
out and wanting maximum

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