Guy Page
Winnipeg, MB
  • Certifications:
    Senior AP-RKC, Senior APCC
  • Specializes in:
    Powerlifting, Rugby, Football
  • Personal Accomplishments:
    Manitoba Powerlifting Record holder, head strength coach at Acceleration Performance


Hey, I’m Guy Page, head strength coach at Acceleration Performance in Winnipeg and I’ve been helping people lose fat and perform better for two decades. Powerlifting and Sports Specific Training is my specialty as I have competed (and set records) in various national and international federations. My best lifts are 804 squat – 484 bench – 722 deadlift (equipped). I also enjoyed success in both football and rugby, as well rehabbing myself after various injuries including going on to deadlift 700lbs after rupturing my bicep. I am a self-professed lab rat having tried every program, diet, and supplement available. I’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to. Now that I have transitioned to a husband and father of two little boys, my focus has shifted more to coaching and family. I have taken countless powerlifting athletes from and helped to increase their total by hundreds of lbs.

I’ve also had the pleasure in assisting multiple post knee and shoulder surgery clients regain strength and mobility and reduce pain. I am also the co-founder of two different high-performance training certifications in which I teach coaches how to become better and implement cutting-edge training protocols. With my experience, I am highly attuned at finding the fitness program that fits your needs and making the appropriate adjustments to maximize your results. So if you want to lose fat faster, smash a PR or up your game, I’m your man.