Fereshteh Dinaz
Montreal, QC
  • Certifications:
    BSc, NCCP-level 1 weightlifting coach, Osteopath in Study
  • Specializes in:
    Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit
  • Personal Accomplishments:
    5- Time National Weightlifter, Varsity Badminton


Hey, I’m Fereshteh, I love lifting, and I love coaching!
I am a competitive athlete in Olympic weightlifting, a coach, a writer (check out some of my articles I wrote for Bells of Steel!) and a student in Osteopathy.

While studying Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, I was hit by a car while skateboarding and was forced to quit the U of O Badminton team. Following my recovery, I discovered the beautiful sport of Olympic Weightlifting. Back then, there was no CrossFit, and it wasn’t a household name. Lifting wasn’t quite popular for women just yet.

But taking up Weightlifting changed the course of my life. I packed up and moved to beautiful Montreal and began training seriously under some of the best coaches in the world. Within my first year, I suffered a severe and career-ending injury when I shattered my clavicle and had to have it surgically repaired, but I managed to come back and have since competed on the national stage for the last five years with consistent finishes in the top 20 in Canada.

With my substantial experience in coaching and my competitive experience, I’m confident I can help you reach your fitness goals!