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Frequently Asked Questions

Stock quantity varies and unless directly mentioned (such as “Only 10 available”), then the discount is available only while supplies last. This applies to all items, such as: regular sale items & flash sale products.

Yes, the $50 off coupon stacks with the promotions. This means that you can receive $50 off your first purchase at our showroom in Calgary or Toronto.

Yes, the promotions stack with the Home Gym Builder.

Please send us an email at /

If a product goes on sale within 30 days of you purchasing it, you are eligible for a store credit based on the difference between the full price and the sale price.

To get the showroom deals, you must physically place the order in-person at our local showroom in Calgary or Toronto. Online orders are not eligible for showroom deals, and no phone orders or item reservations are accepted.

The exclusive showroom deals are offered during the same period as the Black Friday Sale: November 17-26

Due to increased website volume and traffic with our shipping providers, orders placed after November 8th will experience delays. We appreciate your patience during the busy holiday season.