The Best Collection of Specialty Bars in Canada

Bells of Steel offers an impressive variety of the best specialty bars in all of Canada. Our specialty bars feature many proprietary designs and innovations that will make you stronger!

We offer industry-leading warranties so you can expect your bar to last a lifetime. Our bars have also been featured on many independent review sites, including Garage Gym Reviews. We ship lightning fast from Calgary, and shipping is even free to 11 different cities across Canada when you spend $600 or more.

All this makes for more bar for your hard-earned dollars!

Types of
There are, to be perfectly honest, an unreasonable amount of barbell sizes and weights, finishes, knurling patterns and other options. It can be downright overwhelming to make a decision. So that’s why we stock a handful of specialty barbells, to make your choice easy.

Trap Bar

The Trap Bar, or Hex Bar, is an outstanding specialty bar for those who favour the deadlift. Unlike a conventional power bar, the trap bar has handles directly at your side that places the load closer to your center of gravity rather than out in front of you. This makes deadlifts with a trap bar not only safer by putting less stress on the spine, but it can also allow you to pull more weight than you could with a straight bar. The trap is also favoured by many strength athletes when performing heavy shrugs, and is a great implement for farmer’s carries as well.
The Bells of Steel Trap Bar 2.0 is by far the nicest trap bar you can buy for the money. With a flawless 5-star rating, our trap bar has full-length, rotating sleeves; aggressively knurled handles for those big pulls; and a resilient black zinc finish. We also use premium packaging when shipping our trap bars to ensure your trap bar gets there with zero damage.

Safety Squat Bar

Aside from the classic curl bar, the Safety Squat Bar (SSB) is no doubt the most commonly found specialty bar in commercial powerlifting and Strongman gyms, and garage gyms.
Originally developed as a way to allow athletes with shoulder or elbow mobility issues to still be able to get under the bar and squat, the SSB has become the go-to specialty bar for serious lifters looking to strengthen their entire lower body and lower back. The Safety Squat Bar is a great tool for this because it puts the load in a position further forward than a typical back squat; far enough forward to require you to put effort into staying upright during the lift, but not so far forward that it feels like a front squat.

The Bells of Steel Safety Squat Bar 2.0 has an impressive 700-lb loading capacity, is finished in a combination of black and bright zinc to keep your SSB looking great for years, and is offered at an exceptionally competitive price. When you add an SSB to your arsenal; and you will; make it the B.o.S. Safety Squat Bar.

Buffalo Bar

The Buffalo Bar is another extremely popular bar among powerlifting gym and garage gym owners. It is a cambered squat bar that, unlike a straight power bar or squat bar, has the advantage of taking stress off of the shoulders during the squat by allowing your hands to rest lower on the bar. The beauty of the Buffalo Bar for supplemental squat training is that it doesn’t impact technique or the feel of your normal squat like a safety squat bar or traditional cambered bar does.
Here at Bells of Steel, we sell the StrongArm Sport Buffalo Bar 2.0, and in the current marketplace it’s your best option by far. Comparable in specs to Buffalo Bars that cost anywhere from a hundred to several hundred dollars more, there is just no reason to even consider buying your Buffalo Bar anywhere else.
With a StrongArm Sport Buffalo Bar, you can train hard, train heavy, and train without shoulder discomfort, and Bells of Steel offers you one of the best-priced options in Canada!

Squat Bar

The Squat Bar is a 32 mm thick, extremely rigid alternative to the power bar for those athletes with a big squat, and by “big squat” we mean a really big squat.
The StrongArm Sport Squat Bar weighs in at 25 kilograms. At 8-ft in total length, it’s longer than your standard power bar, and it also has longer sleeves that will allow you to load up even more weight than you can get on a conventional power bar. Load our Squat Bar up to 700-lbs, 1000-lbs, or more, and it will remain stiff and free of any unwanted whip.

Deadlift Bars

The Deadlift Bar was developed exclusively for those with a strong deadlift. At 27 mm in diameter versus the 29 mm of a power bar and about 15 cm longer in overall length than the typical straight bar, the deadlift bar has more flex (whip) than even that of a professional weightlifting bar. This extra flex in the shaft allows one to gradually pull the full weight of the bar off the floor rather than having to go from 0 to 100 all at once. This more progressive acceleration of the bar allows you to lift more total weight in training, which will ultimately raise your max competition deadlift.
Bells of Steel offers two variations of the deadlift bar; the StrongArm Sport Sumo Deadlift Bar and the StrongArm Sport Conventional Deadlift Bar. These two bars share the same overall specifications, but they are knurled to accommodate the hand positions of either the sumo deadlift or the conventional deadlift; respectively.

EZ Curl Bar

The EZ Curl Bar is a staple in any gym, and typically the first implement one goes for on arm day. The multi-cambered EZ Curl Bar is the go-to for bicep curls, reverse curls, tricep extensions, and skull crushers, and the B.o.S. EZ Curl Bar is the most affordable high-end curl bar on the market. At 47” in length with incredible knurl, comfortable cambers, and rotating nickel-plated sleeves, you won’t find a nicer bar for getting prepped for the gun show.

Loadable Dumbbell Handle

Loadable dumbbell handles are a great alternative to expensive and space-consuming dumbbells sets. Curl, press, and row any amount of weight simply by putting your existing weight plates to work. The amount of weight you can load up on each handle is limited only by how many plates you have, and adding plates to your existing collection is far less costly than buying individual dumbbell pairs.
The Bells of Steel Loadable Dumbbell Handles are 6 kg unloaded, feature 28 mm diameter knurled handles that are finished in black zinc, and have bright zinc-finished sleeves.

Which Specialty Bars Should You Start With?

A well-rounded specialty bar collection is a must in any strength training gym. Powerlifters, Strongmen, and bodybuilders alike all incorporate movements with specialty bars into their programming to some extent, and generally to a very large extent. But where do you start? Which specialty bar should be the first to find a place in your arsenal? Well, that depends on your training goals, but here are a couple of suggestions.

The Trap Bar
The Trap Bar is a great bar to start with, as it is an extremely versatile specialty bar overall – perfect for heavy shrugs, farmer’s carries, neutral-grip pressing (overhead press, floor press, etc), split squats, and of course, heavy deadlifts.
All that versatility is great, but it’s the Trap Bar’s effectiveness in training the deadlift that makes it such a popular specialty bar. The Trap Bar is the ideal training tool for developing the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Pulling with a Trap Bar puts far less stress on your lumbar spine than pulling with a conventional straight bar because the weight is closer to your center of gravity. This allows you to be more explosive, and even pull heavier than you would with a straight bar. The Trap Bar is definitely a great first specialty bar.

The Safety Squat Bar
The Safety Squat Bar is another solid option for your first specialty bar. Like the Trap Bar, the SSB is also quite versatile, perfect not only for SSB squats but also box squats, lunges, standing calf raises, split squats, and good mornings. The Safety Squat Bar really puts a lot of emphasis on the lower back, quads, and posterior chain, making it a great tool for supplementing your leg training.
Ultimately it comes down to your personal goals and budget, if you’d like more hands on advice be sure to call or email us, as we have in house product experts eagerly awaiting your questions.