Adjustable Pullup Bar Rack Attachment
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Pull Up Bar Attachment for Pulley Tower


The Cable Tower Pull-Up Bar easily connects two Cable Towers (with Weight Stack or Plate Loaded) to create a multi-purpose Cable Tower Squat Stand station!

You can also use it as a secondary pull-up bar, or join your Lever Arms together for dozens of barbell-like exercises.

FEATURES • Quick-installation • Stainless steel shaft • 10lb weight • Black powder coat • Hardware included


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The Cable Tower Pull-Up Bar easily connects your Cable Towers to create a multi-purpose Cable Tower Squat Stand station!

With this nifty cable tower pull-up bar, you can also link two Lever Arms together to instantly add dozens of barbell-like exercises to your exercise routine.

Benefits of the Adjustable Pull-Up Bar

    This cable tower pull-up bar was specifically designed to connect two Cable Towers with Weight Stacks or two Plate Loaded Cable Towers together. Just line up the end brackets with the upper tubing of each tower and secure the brackets using the threadless bolts and hitch pins. From there, you can use your super-powered unit for all kinds of cable exercises and it’ll even be stable enough to act as a pair of squat stands — simply add your favourite j-cups to the guide rod uprights, load your barbell, and get squatting!
    We levelled up this cable tower pull-up bar by adding two 10″ strips of knurling. With a coarseness on the medium side, it’s got WAY better grip than the Adjustable Pull-Up Bar Rack Attachment. That said, every rose has its thorns… the diameter of the cable tower pull-up bar is dramatically smaller at only 25mm and so, it’ll feel best for those with smaller hands. But as long as you don’t have the hands of a giant, your love for it will grow deeper than the abyss of Mariana’s Trench.
    When paired with our Lever Arms, you’ll instantly add dozens of barbell-like exercises to your arsenal. From deadlifts to rows and overhead presses to thrusters, you’ll have tons of options — no matter what type of training you dig.
    If you have our Light Commercial Rack, then you’re already pretty well off with the multi-grip pull-up bar. But, who are we to judge if you want all the bars? Plus, the durability of stainless steel simply can’t be beat. Instead of just applying an outer coating, the rust-resistant properties are woven into the actual steel, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining it every couple of months — sorry not sorry, Adjustable Pull-Up Bar.


BrandBells of Steel
Total Length44.9"/1,140mm
Hole Diameter16.7mm (5/8”)
Bar MaterialStainless Steel
Bracket CoatingBlack Powder Coat
Max Capacity330lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: The Cable Tower Pull-Up Bar is NOT compatible with our Strongman Yoke, as its uprights are slightly too wide to accommodate it.

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