Back Upright Attachment
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Back Upright Attachment

Add to the Cable Tower with Weight Stacks or Plate Loaded Cable Tower to mount attachments at the back, or to drastically increase stability when in use as Cable Tower Squat Stands.

FEATURES • BOS Tower compatible • 80.9″ height • 15.1lb weight • Black powder coat • Rack attachment compatible • Hardware included


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Add stability, versatility, and better functionality to
your Cable Tower with the Rear Upright Attachment.

Want to show off your marvellous bumper plate collection on the back of your Cable Tower, while having unrestricted use of every single pulley height option?

Or maybe you just want to add some stability to a pair of Cable Towers, so you can use the back as a set of squat stands. With the Rear Upright Attachment, you can make it happen!

Benefits of the Rear Upright Attachment

    Just when you thought our towers couldn’t get any better… this rear upright attachment accepts BOS power rack attachments. Since this is only one upright, the Lever Arms (and any other attachment that needs two uprights) are obviously a no-go. But, you can mount a Y-Dip Attachment for a juicy upper body superset, or a couple pair of Plate Pegs to store your weight plates. And if you’re REAL crafty, you might even attach a Belt Squat Rack Attachment off it for a sick quad pump — you rebel, you.
    Where this piece really shines is when two cable towers are joined to form a Cable Tower Squat Stand. Without the rear upright attachment, a pair of towers is fairly well grounded but its stability and safety are definitely amplified with an upright at the back of each. And don’t forget: adding the rear upright attachment gives you unrestricted use of all 33 height settings for the pulley handles at the front while being able to squat (or bench!) using the back uprights as a set of squat stands — talk about AMAZING!
    When the rear upright attachment is connected to a single Cable Tower, the entire unit becomes noticeably more stable. And although the universal bracket at the bottom needs to be removed to install it, you can still use the top bracket to mount it to a wall stud (or rack, if you’re feeling extra creative). Just loosely bolt the bracket to the wall, scoot the tower up to it, adjust the bracket height, secure the top bolt, then tighten it to the wall with a socket wrench.


BrandBells of Steel
Hole Spacing2"/50.8mm
Hole Diameter5/8"
CoatingPowder Coat
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: If installed on the Cable Tower with Weight Stacks, there isn’t enough room to use the Weight Stack Pin (sold separately).

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