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60mm 12″ Utility Horn


The 60mm 12-Inch Utility Horn easily mounts on your power rack for quick access to gym accessories and Olympic weight plates. Includes cotter pin for extra security and stability.

Fits on the front and back of the uprights on B.o.S. original line power racks and other racks with 2.3″ (60mm) x 2.3″ (60mm) uprights with 5/8″ holes.

FEATURES • 12″ sleeve length • Easy install • Cotter pin for extra safety • Black powder coat


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Meet the unicorn of home gym storage... or part of it, anyway.

Maximize your home gym space without sacrificing your sanity (or your gainz)

Benefits of the 60mm 12" Utility Horn

    Your home gym shouldn’t look like your teenage bedroom. Can you even see the floor? What’s that funky smell, anyway? The 60mm 12″ Utility Horn keeps your plates and accessories within reach and out of the way to give you more room to smash your goals. Great. The next goal? Eating all your vegetables. Mom would be soooo proud.
    Install. Overthink. Move. Repeat. The 60mm 12″ Utility Horn is the overthinker’s dream. The cotter pin feature makes this attachment easy to install and move around if waffling is your M.O. (and no, we don’t mean dummying the brunch buffet). Tuck this simple storage solution on the front or back of your B.o.S. power rack uprights or any non-B.o.S. rack with 2.3″ x 2.3″ uprights and 5/8″ holes.
    Chances are you aren’t going to put your plates and gear away gently after channeling your inner Hulk and SMASHing that PR — and we’d never ask you to. The black powder coating is super durable and rust-resistant, keeping your rack in tip-top shape in a humid basement or garage gym.


Brand Bells of Steel
Weight 2.4lb/1.4kg
Length 15.5"/394mm
Loadable Length 12"/305mm
Sleeve Diameter 1.89"/48mm
Colour Black
Material Steel
Coating Black Powder Coat
Max Capacity 100lbs/45.5kg
Warranty Limited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: The original Bells of Steel power racks (2.3″/60mm x 2.3″/60mm) have mounting holes on the front and back on the uprights, not the sides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the 60mm 12" Utility Horn fit my Hydra Power Rack?

  • What is the finish (coating) on the 60mm 12" Utility Horn?

    The 60mm 12″ Utility Horn has a black powder coat.

  • What is the loadable sleeve length on the 60mm 12" Utility Horn?

    The loadable sleeve length is 12″/305mm.

  • I have a non-Bells of Steel power rack. Will the 60mm 12" Utility Horn fit?

    The 60mm 12″ Utility Horn fits non-B.o.S racks with 2.3″/60mm x 2.3″/60mm uprights with 5/8″ holes. We advise looking at your rack specs and measuring to be sure.

  • What tools are needed to assemble the 60mm 12" Utility Horn?

    The 60mm 12″ Utility Horn is secured with a cotter pin. No assembly or mounting hardware is required.

  • What comes in the box?

    The box contains one 60mm 12″ Utility Horn.

  • What are the shipping box dimensions of the 60mm 12″ Utility Horn?

    The shipping box dimensions of the 60mm 12″ Utility Horn are:
    • 3.2lbs
    • 19.3″ height
    • 3.5″ width
    • 4″ length
  • What is the warranty on the 60mm 12″ Utility Horn?

    Covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees that the Utility Horn will not break under normal use, and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.