Industrial Open trap
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Industrial Rackable Hex Bar

The Industrial Rackable Hex Bar is one of the most versatile barbells to have in your gym. Longer, rotating sleeves and a built-in deadlift jack with a rust-resistant finish.

FEATURES • 29mm diameter • 2,165mm/85.25″ length • 36.3kg/80lbs weight • Rotating sleeves • Black cerakote finish • Aggressive knurling • Titanium-plated sleeves


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The Hex Bar is one of the greatest innovations in
strength training equipment — now with an Industrial colour twist.

Benefits of the Rackable Hex Bar

  • Built-in jack. A feature rarely seen on a home gym hex bar, and is usually reserved for insanely expensive models — the Rackable Hex Bar has a built-in bar jack. By rotating the bar vertically like a lever until it’s sitting on the feet of the jacks, the weight plates end up a few inches off the floor. This allows you to add and remove plates with total ease.
  • Rackable. Compared to our regular Trap Bar, the Industrial Hex Bar has much more space between the collars. This allows it to sit perfectly across your j-cups when racked. The wider distance also allows the weight plates to rest on rubber mats when used on an average 8-foot wide lifting platform.
  • Rust resistant finish. The shaft of the Rackable Hex Bar is coated with a rust-resistant black cerakote finish. Not only does this black-gold combo give the look of a premium bar, it helps minimize the build-up of rust — the main drawback of our bare-steel Barenaked Powerlifting Bar.
  • Open-ended frame. This clever design offers a few key benefits over the traditional, closed-frame design.  The most important is having access to way more movements than before. By opening up the front end of the bar, you can use your trap bar for split squats, Romanian deadlifts, weighted carries, lunges, and more, while still being perfectly balanced for your deadlifts and shrugs.


Bar Weight36.3kg/80lbs
Handle Diameter29mm
Total Length2,165mm/85.25″
Loadable Sleeve Length434mm/17.1″
Knurling MarksN/A
Shaft FinishBlack Cerakote
Sleeve FinishTitanium Plated
Tensile Strength100,000 PSI
Max Capacity400kg/882lbs
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Rackable Hex Bar has more aggressive knurling and is significantly heavier and wider than our regular Trap Bar.