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Commercial Dumbbells

Commercial-grade dumbbells have a long-lasting stainless steel handle to resist rust — sold in sets of 5-50lbs and 55-80lbs. Add our two-tier dumbbell rack to save space and keep your gym tidy.

FEATURES • 100% PVC material • Stainless steel handle • 31mm or 35mm handle diameter • 5lb weight increments • +/-3% tolerance • Sold in sets

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Commercial-grade dumbbell sets.
Rust-resistant, with a timeless design.

The perfectly round design is timeless, and the stainless steel handles provide a superior grip and resist rust with minimal maintenance when compared to the status quo chrome handle dumbbells of our competitors — saving you time and hard-earned cash down the road.

Benefits of Commercial-Grade Dumbbells

  • Rust-resistant.
    Compared to black zinc or Cerakote, stainless steel isn’t a coating — it’s physically woven into the metal. With no actual coating over the dumbbell handles, you never have to worry about accidentally scratching off a rust-resistant layer while reracking them. Rust-resistant and low-maintenance? High five!
  • Highly accurate.
    Cheap dumbbells can be as far as 10% under or over their claimed weight. Mismatched dumbbells are not only annoying to use, but you can also cause strength and muscle imbalances. Our commercial-grade dumbbells are accurate to +/- 3% of the claimed weight.
  • Built tough.
    Inferior PVC won’t survive an accidental fall. Our dumbbells have a dense PVC construction and an anchored handle system made to withstand the occasional hard tumble. We still don’t recommend that you deliberately drop them, but they’re more likely to survive a fall than our hex dumbbells.
  • Reduce injury.
    Hex dumbbells have their advantages, but the hex shape causes a run-away dumbbell, injuries are bound to happen. With a rounded no-corner design, these dumbbells won’t catch a weird bounce and squish your toes.


Handle Diameter31mm up to 45lbs
35mm for 50lbs and up
Handle Material100% PVC
Tolerance+/- 3% of Claimed Weight

IMPORTANT: The Bells of Steel commercial-grade dumbbells are sold in sets of 5-50lbs or 55-80lbs, individual pairs are NOT sold separately at this time.

These commercial-grade dumbbells have a 1-year warranty for normal use. While they’re made of resilient PVC  with a bolted-on head, we still don’t recommend dropping these.

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Exact Measurements

WeightDiameter (mm/inch)Length (mm/inch)

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