Our Training Crew

Jason Zuback
Jason Zuback5 Time World Long Drive Champion
Five-time World Long Drive Champion Jason Zuback has become the absolute icon of the sport of long drive. Kaevon and Jason used to train olympic weightlifting together in a dusty old basement in Calgary under the watchful eye of coach Henrik Grigoryan.
Jason is a proud owner of the light commercial power rack, B.o.S. bumpers, and an ever growing collection of pro grade kettlebells.
Rob Cote
Rob CoteCalgary Stampeders CFL - Fullback
Rob and Kaevon became friends when they played junior football together for the Victoria Rebels CJFL team. Rob is now in his 8th season with the Calgary Stampeders, where he dominates as a fullback. Rob’s favourite training tools are the econo grinder and battle ropes.
Phil Mack
Phil MackRugby Canada, 15's and 7's
Kaevon and Phil grew up playing high school and club rugby together in Victoria. Phil has now gone on to represent Canada at a national stage for both 7’s and 15’s rugby, often as captain. When he’s not on the pitch, you can find Phil hitting it hard in the gym with his favourite B.o.S. cross training products.
Admir Cejvanovic
Admir CejvanovicRugby Canada 7's
Admir and Kaevon met in 2013 while playing for the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club. Admir has now moved on to representing his country, playing for the Canada 7’s team.
When Admir isn’t on the pitch, you can find him in the BLRC gym, working his gigantic legs on the B.o.S. Glute Ham Developer.
Misty Shearer
Misty ShearerWorld BJJ Champion, World Kettlebell Sport Champion
To meet her is to know her – what you see is what you get. Misty pulls no punches and provides all the skill, support and direction anyone would need to succeed in their goals in the gym. Misty is one of a handful of women in North America who holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is undeniably the most decorated Kettlebell Sport competitor in Canada.
Misty and Kaevon first met in 2009 at a kettlebell certification in Calgary, and became friends and business colleagues since. Misty’s Bells of Steel Pro Grade Kettlebell collection is one of the most extensive in Canada.
Dimitri Tsoumpas
Dimitri TsoumpasRetired Lineman CFL - Strength and Conditioning Coach
Dimitri and Kaevon became friends back in 2010 when Kaevon taught Dimitri and a few other lineman how to use kettlebells. Dimitri was a CFL all star, and attended the Miami Dolphins camp in 2010. Unfortunately “Soup” was forced into retirement in January 2014 from a bad concussion, but with his wealth of training knowledge he is now the assistant Strength and Conditioning coach for the Calgary Stampeders.

Dimitri has amassed quite the collection of B.o.S. gear over the years, some of his favourites: Indian clubs and pro grade kettlebells. Check out his blog at www.dtsoumpas.com

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