We make fitness more accessible to improve your quality of life.

In 2010 I started Bells of Steel out of my necessity, I needed a simple push sled to follow a program from my favourite coach at the time, Joe Defranco. I didn’t have access to one, so I had one built. As my training progressed, I encountered more and more problems trying to access the equipment I needed to make myself the best possible athlete I could become. All the tools I needed to train with were:

1. Overpriced with astronomical shipping charges.
2. Reasonably priced, but it was clear, it was designed by people who don’t lift, or if they did lift, they probably did curls in the squat rack.
3. Simply not available at all.

So I found a manufacturer and started bringing in stuff for myself and my friends. I began selling kettlebells (hence the name Bells of Steel) out of the back of my ’91 Ford Festiva in Calgary.
In the seven years since then, I’ve expanded to a team of 4 full-time staff and have had the honour of serving over 3,000 customers from Victoria to St. Johns, the Yukon to Texas, from the humblest home gyms all the way up to the Canadian Military.

I look forward to serving you too and fuelling your gainz for years to come.

Kaevon Khoozani President/Founder

Our  Team

Ryan Lean
Ryan LeanSales and Service
When Ryan isn’t crushing WODs and inhaling chicken breasts, he’ll be the one answering your emails and calls with his wealth of fitness knowledge. Ryan’s been a competitive athlete his entire life, hockey, baseball, rugby and discovered weight training in his teens. After receiving his diploma in business, his passion for the iron steered his career back towards fitness, attending more school to become a certified personal trainer and acquiring his CrossFit level 1 as well as a host of other certifications along the way. After years of being a trainer, Ryan started full time with Bells of Steel in 2017 and is currently a competitive CrossFit athlete.
Jake Holz
Jake HolzWarehouse
Despite Jake being only 18, he has already competed on the international stage for both BJJ and Powerlifting. Currently one of Canada’s top sub-junior powerlifter, Jake moved to Calgary from Ontario to train with Calgary Barbell and pursue his full powerlifting potential. When Jake isn’t lifting triple his body weight or sipping on fine bourbon, he’s shipping out your orders as fast as his little legs will carry him.
Tim Johns
Tim JohnsDigital Marketing
Tim creates and runs various digital marketing endeavours, from optimizing our Amazon listings to writing and editing content for the site. Tim works for Bells of Steel remotely, spending his time between Victoria, Bali and other parts of Asia. Tim has been an avid athlete his whole life, playing provincial level rugby, which is how he met Kaevon and Jr level hockey. Tims traded in the boots now for yoga and a balanced lifestyle.
Kaevon Khoozani
Kaevon KhoozaniPresident/Founder
Kaevon found his strength through a passion for the iron. A tale of perseverance from growing up in poverty, to bouncing at nightclubs to pay his way through school, to founding Bells of Steel at age 25. Kaevon was empowered by fitness and holds a deep desire to help others do the same. He has competed in Olympic Lifting, Strongman has trained in powerlifting, Kettlebell Sport and CrossFit and competed at Provincial level rugby. Now entering into a new phase of life focusing on training for health and spending time with his wife Lindsay, 2 dogs and soon to be child.