About Bells of Steel

Hi I’m Kaevon and I’m the owner and founder of Bells of Steel.
I do what I do because of an unwavering belief that, at it’s core, working out is about saving lives. Whether extending your life span , combatting mental illness or by fighting obesity.

I know this, because it saved mine.

I grew up in Canada and was raised by a single mother on welfare. Being poor sucks, but as I came of age I realized the worst part about it was the feeling of powerlessness you have in the world.
I began working out at 12 years old, in contrast to many of those close to me who dealt with their struggle through substance abuse, crime and other afflictions of poverty. Meanwhile I found solace in the iron. I was obsessed with WWF and knew that though I was financially weak, if I could develop my physique like my idols on TV I could steer my own Destiny.

Pumping iron shaped my education and career as well. Once I graduated high school and left home to make my way in the world, the only way to support myself while getting a college education during the day would be to get the ultimate student job at night: a bouncer. I bounced my way through university and even raised much of the capital needed to start Bells of Steel by bouncing at the notorious Calgary Stampede.

Age 19 on the left after a shift at the sticky wicket. Age 26 on the right at the Calgary Stampede.

Age 19 on the left after a shift at the sticky wicket. Age 26 on the right at the Calgary Stampede.

I officially started Bells of Steel in 2010 in my 3rd year of university mostly out or my own necessity. I had begun my segway away from traditional bodybuilding style training into functional performance.

The problem was, all the tools I needed to train with: kettlebells, bumpers, bands, and whatnot were either:
a) Very hard to find, with limited selection
B) Over priced
or c) reasonably priced, but the shipping was astronomical.
So I found a manufacturer and started bringing in stuff for myself and my friends. I started selling out of a small storage locker and delivering locally in Calgary, Alberta out of my ’91 Ford Festiva.

As word grew that I was the guy to get functional gear from, the orders grew, and before I knew it I was dong this full time. The warehouse eventually moved to Delta, B.C. to be handled by a 3rd party logistics company; all they do is store, pack and ship other companies products that do not have their own warehouse. The use of a “3PL” allowed me to travel the world, backpacking, playing rugby, and even getting in the occasional movie as an extra (look for me in the background of the upcoming movie “warcraft”). I continued to run Bells of Steel from my laptop, only having to spend a few months a year at home to test products, and launch new projects. Being setup as exclusively an e-commerce store keeps my fixed costs very low and allows me to sell high-quality products at low prices.

Bolivia, Ireland, England

Bolivia, Ireland, England

Though running Bells of Steel is my full-time job, it is as much about community as it is about making a living. Since day one I have strived to promote the growth of functional training and to provide the tools to allow people to push themselves to their personal best. Whether that has been through the creation of the now defunct Calgary Festival of Strength, or the experimental hardcore gym co-op some friends and I started, or simply through the sale of equipment. It has all worked towards a single goal: shift the greater populations mentality about fitness away from cheap gimmicks and empty promises, and towards the truth – hard work pays off.

I keep this vision in mind with the selection and design of everything I sell. I believe in and train with all products you can find on the site. I’ve competed in strongman, Olympic weightlifting, trained for kettlebell sport, powerlifting, CrossFit, and have played Rugby since the age of thirteen.

I believe that to sell this equipment, you have to understand it. There are a lot of intricacies that go into the design that you don’t know until you’ve trained hard with it.
Kaevon Competing

Now in my 6th year of business I have settled down on a farm in rural Manitoba with my fiancee Lindsay (a physiotherapist) and my rescue pup “Lucho”. I look forward to being able to serve my customers even better now, with the launch of new products and much more content. Feel free to reach out to me with any training questions, entrepreneur questions, or even just to shoot the breeze.

Yours in Strength,
Kaevon Khoozani
Lucho and Lindsay